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Sample Issue of LeasingLogic


In this day and age, when we hear the word “green” to describe something, we automatically think of something having to do with the environment. To “go green” or to call something “green” we must first be aware of our environment. I think that this issue accomplishes this, and much more.

Here is the AACFB’s version of a green issue of LeasingLogic. This is our recycling endeavor to take something old and valuable and turn it into something worthwhile and new! In an effort to truly conserve energy by multitasking, this is also our Best-of-the-Best issue that visitors to our website, as well as prospective members, will be able to view as a sample of what they can expect on a quarterly basis, once they become AACFB members. This is also a “living document” that can be updated with changes such as new member benefits, important legislation, educational opportunities and conferences.

So, welcome to the “Green Issue” of LeasingLogic. For those of you that have been in the AACFB for a while, you may recognize the contents, but with a slight renewal for some. For example, have you ever wondered how the organization gets things accomplished? Well, back in 2004, Donna Cole (AACFB Past President, 2004-2005) of Business Capital Leasing in Richmond, Virginia, wrote an in-depth article for another “special” LeasingLogic issue. In it she described the inner-workings of our association management company as well as what the Board does on a regular basis. We took that wonderful article and brought it up to speed for today’s current snapshot of this organization. This will give you some perspective on just what goes into the nurturing of this organization on a daily, weekly, monthly and ongoing basis. Hopefully, you will read this and then decide to get involved yourself!

The content here was all carefully hand-picked by team members of the Communications Committee team as well as from responses to comments made throughout the last few issues on those articles truly worth repeating. Once you step into our virtual on-line parlour, sit a spell and relax a size. You will find information on ethics, law, doing business in Canada, how to navigate our forum and much more.

Believe it or not, this Green Issue was a true team effort and its publication would not have been possible without the help from our very able and talented support staff at FSA Group, our professional association management company, out of Louisville, KY. They have a sixth sense about what Larry Greer, Brian Link and myself have in our collective minds for each issue. And, everyone on this committee, consisting of our members, is a VOLUNTEER. We don’t get paid other than in our wholehearted pride of ownership. We’re putting together a great product every quarter and we truly hope that you are as excited about it as we are!

We hope that you enjoy this special Green Issue of LeasingLogic. We encourage and genuinely welcome any and all comments, suggestions and ideas for how we can improve. You, our readers and valuable members, are the window through which we can show the inner workings of our profession. YOU are the most valuable asset to this association.

From our desk to yours, with pleasure. Please enjoy!

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