The Benefits of AACFB Membership


The association is committed to providing members with opportunities to upgrade their comprehension of a broad range of commercial finance issues. By encouraging professional development, the AACFB is contributing to the long-term success of its membership. Educational seminars and workshops are offered at each Annual Conference and the Commercial Financing Expo. New Distance Learning programs are always being developed.

The association offers both a Mentor Program and an online Community so people with questions can easily seek and receive advice from their peers and industry veterans. Books, CDs, videos and other commercial finance training materials are available for purchase. Regular updates on a range of industry issues are provided through our website as well as our quarterly newsletter, Commercial Break.



Access to suitable funding is a critical need for every broker. The association makes it easier for members to locate reputable and reliable sources. Meet face to face with an assortment of lenders at each Annual Conference and the Commercial Financing Expo. A searchable directory of Funder members is available through our website. Our popular AACFB Members Only Community is a place where members find homes for transactions of nearly every description.



The AACFB's collective representation will have an important influence on the future of the commercial finance industry. Our Ethics Program strongly discourages unsavory business practices and promotes self-policing over government regulation. Our Dispute Resolution Process helps to prevent and resolve conflict issues between members. Our website provides unbiased information for the general public to educate them about commercial finance and its potential advantages. 



The value and rewards of having a network of industry contacts should never be underestimated. The AACFB offers several channels for members to meet with peers, exchange ideas and share experiences. There are regular the Commercial Financing Expo as well as the Annual Conference and golf outings. You can search for and contact others using the published membership directory. Our very popular online Community consists of several hundred commercial finance professionals.



Many of our members operate smaller enterprises, without the resources of some larger firms. Membership in the AACFB provides cost-effective access to tools and information that help in running a commercial finance operation. We offer a free Documentation Library with copies of frequently needed forms and agreements. Our Community allows members to share their useful tips. Our credit bureau program gives even smaller lessors cost-effective access to all three major credit reporting agencies.



Legal issues can present a high degree of business risk for all brokers, lessors, and funders. The AACFB strives to make legal expertise more accessible for all members. Limited free telephone advice is available from the Association's Legal Counsel. Legal topics are discussed in each quarterly newsletter. 



The growing number of AACFB members makes it possible to negotiate preferential pricing for a broad range of products and services. The AACFB is committed to finding savings plans that will enable each member to recover their annual association membership fee through discount programs. Programs currently offered at unbeatable prices include: credit agency reports, long distance calling, office supplies and more.



The AACFB does not endorse or require its members to utilize the services of its benefits providers and recognizes that many choices exist in the free market for the same types of services that are offered as AACFB member benefits. Likewise, many AACFB associate members offer special programs and pricing of their own initiative and the AACFB does not endorse or require its members to utilize any of the services of its associate members and continues to recognize that many choices exist in the free market for the same types of services.

As the only association formed by brokers for brokers, the American Association of Commercial Financer Brokers (“AACFB”) continuously makes every effort to deliver to our members the most useful member benefits program in the industry. The AACFB wishes to deliver to its members and potential members advantages that make the value of AACFB membership indispensable.