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The American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (AACFB) represents the expanding interests of its growing membership by providing best practice education and funding partner networks while promoting a culture of ethics. Our passion is to help commercial finance and leasing professionals achieve success by improving levels of performance. We do this by nurturing a community of members that connects great ideas and great people as evidenced by our member reviews:
AACFB membership provides the tools to help a broker be successful. I have met some of my most valuable funding source partners through the AACFB. The AACFB management team is top notch. The conferences are chock-full of education, networking and fun allowing me to grow my network with other professionals who support and help one another and introducing me to new product offerings to increase revenue streams. Being a member of the AACFB shows our customers and vendors that we pledge to do business honestly and ethically. Great association with great people!

- Carrie Radloff, MBA ,CLFP  |  American Financial Partners, Inc.

AACFB has been an incredible resource for my company, Marketing Design Mix. The community is full of top-notch professionals who actively engage in the discussion board on the website. The advice and assistance have been instrumental in the success of my company.

- Jill Miller, MBA ,CLFP  |  Marketing Design Mix

Formerly the NAELB (National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers) the AACFB has been an integral part of our company's success, dating back prior to 1990. The association has provided multiple generations of its members' families a better living. In this non-profit organization, Founded by Brokers, for Brokers - "There are no secrets, just questions unasked." - Anonymous -- Simply stated, we may be competitors, but here the gloves come off, and we share with each other our trials and tribulations, best industry practices along with success stories to further the education of the members. I am honored to be part of the, if not the oldest, one of the oldest industry associations.

It's heartwarming to know that the NAELB/AACFB played a part in my father's success as an Equipment Leasing Broker, and now, the son of a broker, can pass this gratitude down to provide for my own family. A sincere thank you to all of the past board members, volunteers, business associates and friends that have volunteered to make this happen. Special shout out to our Management Company FSA, and Monica Harper for also playing a key role for our community.

- Taylor Moseley  |  General Financial

An excellent trade association. Great people, excellent programs and a top notch staff!

- Kenneth Charles Greene  |  Law Offices of Kenneth Charles Greene

I am where I am today because of this association. The AACFB members are ALWAYS willing to help, and I have leaned on them for almost 20 years now. If you are a broker in the money world, a funder with money to lend, or an associate offering a service in the money industry, then the AACFB is where you need to be.

- Ty Blecha  |  Precision Leasing

I have been a member for over 22 years and without the association members, funders and their advice and help, I doubt I would be in business today. Great organization.

- Charles Callahan, BPB, CLFP  |  National Equipment Leasing, Inc.

AACFB has been an extraordinary resource for us as we've been working to build our software to fit the needs of brokers. Everyone associated with AACFB is so kind and helpful, but Monica Harper especially has been phenomenal!! She's so responsive and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure our questions are answered, and our needs are met!

- Jaci Miller  |  ConnectedFI

I owe so much of my success to membership in the NAELB (now AACFB). I have always found the help I needed to get my deals done with the right lenders. The mix of quality lenders is excellent. I can be competitive in the marketplace thanks to the AACFB.

- Rosanne Wilson, BPB, CLFP  |  1st Independent Leasing, Inc.

I have just returned from the 2019 AACFB conference in Orlando and I wanted to thank the association for a great event. We love to attend these conferences as they are always a great opportunity to network with colleagues as well as make new friends and contacts. It was great to see all the attendees.

This conference was a great success for The Hamilton Group. Tim Donaghue and I met many new brokers and lenders and we have returned to our offices with a handful of new deals that we are now working on funding!

- Robert Kort  |  The Hamilton Group

Why AACFB for Funders? I really learned a lot from our very first show. It's kinda like the turning point of whether I continue on or choose to do something else. It was such a great experience that I chose to stick it out and here I am now over 10 years later.

- Kristi Darlington  |  instaCOVER, LLC

We joined back in 2004. I felt it was just a great association. One of the great things about the NAELB (now AACFB), I feel it's very inclusive and collaborative, meaning that everyone here is trying to help everyone else out. Even though we are all competitors to a certain extent, it's a friendly competition and that is really important. And when you build these relationships and see these funding sources year after year, they really get to know you. Like I've always said, it's good to have a lot of arrows in your quiver, because you never know what's going to happen as far as the deals coming through the door.
The big benefit of being a member during the recession from 2008 to 2010 was based on all the relationships we had and developed over the years, and that enabled our company to continue down this road. Without having those solid relationships with our funding sources, I don't know if we would have been able to survive.

- Jaime Kaneshina, BPB, CLFP  |  The Cambridge Capital Group

The return on investment with this association is by far greater than anything you can do for your own business if you are a broker. As I have learned through the years how to get from a broker to my own portfolio and on, it has helped me tremendously in my career and I wouldn't change a thing. I owe it to this association for where I am today.

- Rodney Blecha  |  Precision Leasing, Inc.

Why AACFB for Brokers? The AACFB has benefited our business tremendously. We have found funding sources for over-the-road trucks that many times we were not able to get funded.

- Cindy Downs  |  Heartland Capital Group, LLC

Why AACFB for Brokers? When I think of the AACFB, the one word that comes to mind is networking. Belonging to the AACFB gives me the opportunity not only to network with my funding sources and see them all in one place, but also network with my fellow brokers and colleagues and find out who the best funding sources are, and which are the best benefits. My AACFB membership means a lot to me because of the way that the association puts a lot of value in ethics and best business practices. I think that's really important in this day and age and one of the things that makes me most proud (of AACFB).

- Theresa Kabot, BPB, CLFP  |  Kabot Commercial Leasing, LLC

Why AACFB for Funders? The member benefit that I use most is accessing the forum looking for opportunities to help brokers with any funding. I do alternative funding other than equipment financing so anything that can help them with a value-added service that can help their prospect get funded.

- Tina Cawthorn, CLFP  |  Orange Commercial Credit

A lot of our broker relationships are generated through broker members of NAELB (AACFB) so every transaction that 360 funds is originated by a broker. A lot of our brokers are members and we have been introduced to them through the association. Meeting people in person and getting to talk to them and find out about what kind of business they operate is beneficial for them getting set up with us.

- Kip Amstutz  |  360 Equipment Finance

In early 2002-2003 I decided to become a broker in equipment financing and tried to do it all by myself. I got a few funding sources, but a lot of funding sources didn't want to work with a new broker. I found the NAELB and joined. Not only did I find more funding sources, I found funding sources for different streams of revenue that I never knew existed. We have come from a small guy in a basement to a large broker that actually funds his own deals now and all that was possible with a $350 investment into NAELB (now AACFB).

- Henry Grace  |  Industrial Financial Services